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About Us

The "Vineria Bibemus" wine shop by Alessandro Sartini was born in Fano on March 16, 2015 thanks to the passion transmitted to him by a dear friend of his, Mr. Bruno Ordonselli.

The wine has conquered him immediately, especially the producers, that is the "winemakers" who with their work manage to make the wine a nectar that leaves each of us a unique emotion on the palate.

The world of wine is a vast world, and Vineria Bibemus has always been looking for artisans, those people who work hard every day in the vineyard and in the cellar and whose days are made up of sacrifices, hopes and joys, all sensations that they travel a single road, that of passion. We are therefore dealing with true authentic people who dedicate their lives to this magnificent drink, wine.

Since ancient times, wine has played an important role in civilizations, it was in fact considered the drink that brought people closer to the gods, today we want to consider it a pleasure to be shared in company as an expression of the hard work of man who gives the palate all the typical his terroir.

Good wine is born in the vineyard, then it is the man who with his work, respecting nature and traditions, leads us to drink unforgettable nectars.